Propen2022I’m a technical and professional writer with experience in both IT and higher education. Prior to working in industry, I was an Associate Professor in the Writing Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

I earned my Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota. I also hold a master’s degree in Technical and Professional Writing from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. My industry work has focused on end user documentation, release notes, content design, and instructional design.

My own writing focuses on environmental and science communication, and the implications of environmental advocacy for vulnerable species. Most recently, with my new book, At Home in the Anthropocene, I’ve been engaging more with travel and nature writing and creative nonfiction. Underpinning all of my work is the idea that writing and communication can function in the service of advocacy and productive discourse.

My recent book, Visualizing Posthuman Conservation in the Age of the Anthropocene, was published by The Ohio State University Press in 2018. My new book, At Home in the Anthropocene, is a follow-up to Visualizing and is forthcoming with The Ohio State UP in 2022. I can be reached here by email.